I had never had acupuncture until I met Jen. I will admit I was a little hesitant. I had pulled a muscle in my back and after going to multiple physical therapy sessions there wasn’t any progress. So I tried acupuncture. I was so amazed it didn’t hurt. I felt very relaxed and after the first treatment I could tell a BIG difference. The treatment was amazing. Jen has such a gentle hand. I have continued to go to Jen for other things. I recently tried the Cosmetic procedure. WOW! It was so relaxing. The very next day my face felt taught and it just had a glow. And my blemish that I had was gone. I’ve had 4 treatments so far. And I love my face. I can definitely tell a difference. Jen is simply amazing. Thank you!
— Amy M.

I have received huge benefits from the acupuncture treatments I’ve had with Jen. She has an easy and gentle technique that has been able to relieve me of a profound amount of tension that I have not felt from the best massage. She clearly knows what she is doing and quietly explains her process as she works while all I can do is relax. I have huge regard for her skill and knowledge base and I always feel very comfortable in her care. I would highly recommend Jen to others and hope to see her myself again very soon.
— Rachel P.

I had my first experience with acupuncture about three months ago. I have always heard such great things about the effects and have friends who swear by it. I am always timid to try something new. I am not a fan of needles and wasn’t sure what to expect. One day I was teaching pilates and was complaining of pain in my shoulder that has been bothering me for months. Jen was in my class and said she’d love to try a little acupuncture on it. I figured, why not give it a try. Jen was calming and understanding. To my surprise, I didn’t even feel the needles. The whole experience was peaceful and relaxing. After a few treatments, my shoulder pain was gone! I also loved the way the treatments made me feel. I’m continuing to go for facial rejuvenation. After a few sessions, I have already noticed a slight lift to my eyelids and fine lines smoothing out. I am hooked!
— Elisa B.

I was apprehensive about acupuncture at first. However, when I went to Jen, her holistic approach set my mind at ease. I was hoping she could help me with my lower back pain and stress. I can honestly say I felt less pain and a sense of calm starting with the very first treatment. Jen truly has a healing touch. The herbs she recommended have helped me too. I feel more refreshed, which has helped reduce my stress. Jen is a very caring acupuncturist that knows what she is doing. I recommend her to anyone looking for acupuncture.
— A.T.

Jen is absolutely amazing! I feel incredible every time I see her. Her treatments are so gentle. She has treated me for a couple scars that now seem to be fading away. I have forgotten that I had neck pain after Jen treated me. She has also given me a beautiful glow from cosmetic acupuncture. I love going to see Jen just to relax. I feel like I am always looking for an excuse for acupuncture treatment from Jen!
— T.H.

I have high blood pressure and I have been treating it with prescription medication for almost 20 years. Jennifer has done several acupuncture treatments on me that involve decreasing my stress and anxiety levels which aid in lowering my blood pressure. Acupuncture is so beneficial to the treatment of hypertension. Jennifer is professional and good at what she does. She not only promotes living a healthy and balanced lifestyle but she practices it in her own life. I recommend making an appointment with her because it will change your life. She has changed mine.
— Heather L.

Jen is a wonderful doctor. Her treatments are very powerful — you can feel her warmth and care throughout the process, and her intuitive ability as a healer is obvious in her outstanding results.
— B.W.S.